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Inventory management solution with point of sale and Cost accounting


Manage inventory and control costs

Costbucket inventory management solution is ideal for tracking and reporting product quantity and costs in multiple locations.

Costbucket POS & Cost Accounting Dashboard

Whatever the business, Costbucket is suitable for retail, restaurant, and service sector business. We’re here for you

Costbucket POS business types
Our software is the perfect solution for your business whether you need to manage inventory in a warehouse, store or track food costs in a restaurant. Costbucket POS help you to save time and money from its fully automated inventory management solution which easily transfer products from the balance sheet to the profit and loss report with processing of each sale. Explore now how we can help your business

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Everything you need to manage your product costs take your business to the next level.

Business types using Costbucket POS
  • Buy – Easily purchase inventory for resale or input material for products made
  • Make – Manage the cost of making your products and tracking the input materials.
  • Service – Charge service fees without inventory movement
  • Dummy unit – Sell products with no inventory movement/p>

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Costbucket Cost accounting let you manage your business and help you take it to the next level.

Inventory management business types
Restaurant Groceries Gift Shop
Pet Store Hair Salon Barber Shop
Food Truck Clothing Store Coffee Shop
Food & Beverage Bakery Spas

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Costbucket is a cheaper alternative to stand alone cash registers and unconnected Cost accounting software solutions

$15 per user per month

We offer fair pricing – no matter which option you choose, we have more features than the competition and at a lower price! Our offerings start from as little as US$45 per month for 3 users We offer low credit card transaction processing fees

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Costbucket inventory reports

Costbucket inventory management has over 15 reports to provide detail insight your products, their cost and location.

Manage inventory reorder levels and approvals including access to transfer between locations

3 Simple Steps to Get you started

1 Sign up

Sign up for a secure Costbucket account and apply for merchant account or connect with Stripe

2 Select Product

Select Costbucket POS and Cost accounting package with your desired number of users

3 Set Up

Configure payment processing,and Cost accounting setup, add users, add inventory and start working

With Costbucket you do not need expensive traditional bulky hardware

15 inch tablet pos cash register
Get your Costbucket kit now!!. The kit includes a 15 inch Android Tablet, cash drawer, printer, bar code reader and tablet stand Visit our Store to explore options.

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Costbucket POS is international

Available in North America, Canada and Caribbean