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POS & Cost Accounting package features

Mobile Invoicing including ability to process credit and fully paid transactions with receipts and the features of Point of Sale
Point of Sale Includes Costbucket POS with integrated inventory management and Cost accounting
Cost Accounting Cost Accounting for restaurants, retail, service and distribution companies
Make / Assemble products with costing and tracking of inventory by location, value and type
Real time updates All activities are updated real time in Costbucket
Sales Order Create sales orders for multiple locations and multiple companies
Customers Manage customers in multiple locations and currencies
Invoices Create and send invoices for payment. Each Invoice is automatically updated in Costbucket
Purchase Orders Create and send the purchase orders including management of user level authorization
Inventory management Manage inventory by type and location, transfer inventory between locations
Vendors Manage vendors by type and location, with vendor price sheets for comparison
Taxes Costbucket automatically calculates and records taxes for sales tax returns
Detailed Reports Costbucket operational reports are detailed to assist with management decision making when it matters
Multi locations Manage multiple locations within Costbucket including selling in the point of sale from multiple locations
Multi Currencies Sell products in multiple currencies, create invoices and produce Cost accounting in multi currencies
Profit/Cost Center Track revenue and expenses by multiple profit and cost center for true management reporting