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We help small businesses with sales automation and inventory management while saving time and money


We provide an all in one cloud inventory management solution with tablet POS cash register, cost accounting, automated Facebook chatbot services and website integration

Costbucket Inventory Management

Save money with 100% Automated Sales, Receipt and Invoice Processing

  • Create invoices and process to customers accounts in the cost accounting software from our POS solution
  • We eliminate the need for an accountant or bookkeeper manually processing POS receipts thus reducing time and cost
  • Support the inventory management process by automating the reduction of inventory quantities with each sale
  • Improve sales and inventory reporting process with detail information available for decision making

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Over 80% of businesses track inventory manually or have no system in place. Implementing an Inventory Management Solution provide benefits such as:

  • Save Money – avoid holding excess stock and ordering slow moving products.
  • Improved Sales Price Management – Most small business fail to make a profit due to incorrectly setting sales price based on wrong product cost
  • Improved business decisions
  • Avoid Stock outs at the times you need it the most
  • Help to reduce theft and losses

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Costbucket Inventory Management

Whatever the business, Costbucket is suitable for retail, restaurant, and mobile sales teams. We’re here for you!

Costbucket POS business types
Our software is the perfect solution for your business. Process sales in store or mobile at a trade show or client office. With each sale, Costbucket automatically updates the inventory, financial records and reports for decision making. Explore now how we can help your business

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Readily available Reports for decision making

Business Process automation making it easy to access real time information for management decision making

Costbucket POS & Accounting Dashboard

Costbucket is a cheaper alternative to stand alone cash registers and unconnected accounting software solutions

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Configure payment processing and setup your accounting

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