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Cost accounting software solution with, Tablet POS, inventory management, data analytics and accounts payable bookkeeping services

Readily available Reports for decision making

Business Process automation making it easy to access real time information for management decision making

Costbucket POS & Accounting Dashboard

Whatever the business, Costbucket is suitable for retail, restaurant, and mobile sales teams. We’re here for you!

Costbucket POS business types
Our software is the perfect solution for your business. Process sales in store or mobile at a trade show or client office. With each sale, Costbucket automatically updates the inventory, financial records and reports for decision making. Explore now how we can help your business

Starts at $1,600

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Easily manage inventory in our cloud cost accounting solution. Create purchase orders, track inventory by location. Make, buy, group products or charge service fees and analyze them in our business analysis tool for greater insight into usage, scrap reduction, and profitability.

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Costbucket Inventory Management

Bring your business processes and reports together making easier to make decisions to manage your business.

real time cloud accounting
  • Invoice – Create Sales Orders and invoices
  • Customers – Get to know your customers, track and manage their sales
  • Inventory – Manage unlimited products
  • Suppliers – Easily create purchase orders and suppliers
  • Report – Over 60 real time reports to manage your business including Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, sales tax report

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With no two businesses being configured the same, we aim to mimic the way you operate. This allows us to support multiple business types and structures. Explore now how we can help your business

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Costbucket POS business types

Everything you need to manage your business

Business types using Costbucket POS
  • Sell         – Easily process sales in store or mobile
  • Manage  – Track and manage inventory
  • Report    – Business analytics with Microsoft Powerbi
  • Grow  – Make improved decisions to drive business performance.

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Costbucket is a cheaper alternative to stand alone cash registers and unconnected accounting software solutions

$15 per user per month

We offer fair pricing – no matter which option you choose, we have more features than the competition and at a lower price!

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3 Simple Steps to Get you started

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Sign up for a secure Costbucket account and apply for merchant account or connect with Stripe

2 Select Product

Select your desired plan and number of users

3 Set Up

Configure payment processing and setup your accounting

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Costbucket POS is international

Available in North America, Canada and Caribbean