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Costbucket Business Service reduces the hassle and cost of managing your business.

No more struggling to manage inventory in spreadsheets.

Business Services

Outsource Accounts Payable function to Costbucket Business Service team of qualified and experienced financial professionals at affordable prices, more cost effective than hiring a dedicate resource. Benefit from our experience to avoid significant manual errors from untrained employees.

Costbucket business service logs all information on the invoice for proper inventory management, cost of sales, tax reporting and data analysis

Outsource business services to process invoices for small businesses
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Add Point of Sale to automate your sales transaction processing into Costbucket cost accounting

Our software is the perfect solution for your business. Process sales in store or mobile at a trade show or client office. With each sale, Costbucket automatically updates the inventory, financial records and reports for decision making.

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Process Supplier Invoices

Avoid the risk of staff processing transactions incorrectly with difficult to find errors that are time consuming and costly to correct.
sales orders in cost accounting software
Costbucket inventory management

Inventory Management Maintenance

Increase and free up cashflow with a managed service to monitor and track your products.

Costbucket business solution deducts inventory with each sale on the in-store POS system or mobile invoicing app. Inventory quantity and value is increased with each purchase and accurate logging of the supplier invoices.

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Supplier Management

Key information at a glance to manage suppliers. Track purchases and outstanding balances owed to suppliers while ensuring the accuracy of the input of inventory by quantity, value and location. Easily monitor outstanding balances and manage customer or supplier invoices and payments made against them.
Costbucket cost accounting dashboard
Costbucket cost accounting reports

Supplier Management reports

With over 60 reports and counting Costbucket has multiple reports to support purchases, inventory, payables including profit and loss statement, balance sheet and sales tax report and much more.

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How does it work?

1 Connect Your Google Drive

Sign up for a secure Costbucket account and apply for merchant account or connect with Stripe

2 Upload Invoices

Select your desired plan and number of users

3 Costbucket Process

Configure payment processing and setup your accounting

Accounts Payable Pricing


(Monthly package)
  • Monitor Inventory Quantity, Reorder Levels, Order Processing     – US$ 250 /Month


(Monthly package)
  • 25 Invoices     – US$ 59.00 /Month
  • 40 Invoices    – US$ 94.00 /Month
  • 75 Invoices    – US$ 177.00 /Month
  • 100 Invoices    – US$ 236.00 /Month
  • 150 Invoices    – US$ 354.00 /Month
  • 200 Invoices    – US$ 471.00 /Month
  • 300 Invoices    – US$ 707.00 /Month
  • 400 Invoices    – US$ 943.00 /Month
  • 500 Invoices    – US$ 1178.00 /Month


(Supplier and Bank Statement)

Frequently Asked Questions

Estimate the number of invoices received from suppliers on a monthly basis to select the correct Invoice package. Add optional inventory monitoring package and Bank Statement Reconciliation package
Businesses should use our POS solution for mobile or instore sales to automate the sales transactions into Costbucket thus removing the need to process customer invoices.
The business should scan and upload all supplier invoices for process 24/7.
Our service is prepaid and due on the first of each month.
Our reports feed into the sales tax return report which is available to download in your Costbucket account but we do not participate in the filing process.
We provide only accounts payable service.

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Costbucket is international

Available in North America, Canada and Caribbean