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You should first consider the number of employees in the business and how many of those employees require access to the point of sale or combination of point of sale and accounting. Count yourself as the first user with administrative rights then the additional number of users needed per employee who is required to log in.
This is totally dependent on the size of your business and the number of transactions you are processing. In general consider the time or money saved from not having manually adding receipts in excel, quickbooks or other financial systems then the tedious process of updating reports for managing your business.
Square and Revel are very good products but they are just electronic cash registers. Costbucket POS provides all the features and functionality of the leading products plus ˀ it goes a step further by also providing an accounting software which works in real time with the point of sale.
Process a sale in the point of sale and the invoice is created against the customer account, updated in the profit and loss report while the bank account in the Balance sheet and sales tax payable is updated while simultaneously having the products sold removed from the balance sheet and added to the Profit and loss report. Your profit and loss report, balance sheet, sales tax report, customer accounts and inventory reports are all available for review in real time.
We support all businesses and work with each company to ensure that their needs are met. Costbucket POS is applicable for restaurants, retail and service businesses.
It would not be necessary to have a second accounting software. Costbucket is capable of supporting and meeting all your business needs.
Costbucket POS includes an inventory management system that assist with tracking inventory and providing a means to record, track, control and report your inventory. This is only one step in the process of safe guarding your assets as you are required to physically safe guard your products and place appropriate controls to restrict loss.
We charge per number of users but if you require multiple point of sale terminals it is best to have each user log in with their own credentials so that the sales for the day is tracked against that terminal for correct reporting.

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