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Cost Accounting with manufacturing and assembly of products, inventory, customer and supplier management

For businesses in retail, service and distribution sectors


Manage and track the cost of products purchased, made or assembled. No more struggling to manage inventory in spreadsheets.

Product Costing

Track the cost of purchased, manufactured and assembled products.

Include the direct cost of components, labor and overhead.

Create a bill of material (BOM) for each product and the cost accounting software will automatically calculate the cost of each product and manage the inventory quantity.

Product Costing
Costbucket inventory management

Inventory Management with Purchase Order Module

The Cost Accounting Software including a robust inventory management system with a purchase order module. Manage and track, raw materials, work in progress, components and finished goods by quantity and value in multiple locations.

With each sale processed, the inventory is automatically deducted from the respective location with updates to the balance sheet and profit and loss report.

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Create Invoices and manage orders

Costbucket Cost Accounting is the ideal tool to grow your business. It is simple enough for a small office and complete enough for a business with central head office and 25 store or inventory locations with 20,000 products. Easily create sales orders and invoices. Process customer payments and allocate to multiple invoices.
sales orders in Cost accounting software

Customer and Supplier management

Key information at a glance to manage your suppliers and customers. Track your purchases and monies to your suppliers while keeping an eye on the people you sell to and what they may owe. Easily monitor outstanding balances and manage customer or supplier invoices and payments made against them.
Costbucket Cost accounting dashboard
Costbucket Cost accounting reports

Management reports

With over 60 reports and counting Costbucket has multiple reports to support sales, purchases, inventory, receivables, and payables including profit and loss statement, balance sheet and sales tax report and much more.

Add Point of Sale functionality to your Costbucket Cost accounting solution

Ideal for most businesses including a fully functional point of sale table cash register or mobile invoicing solution that processes sales and updates the cost accounting software

Costbucket Tablet pos cash register solution include a fully functional point of sale and accounting software for businesses to manage in one store or a network of locations.

Process a sale in Costbucket cash register and your invoices are automatically recorded in the Cost accounting software, updating your profit and loss, tax and inventory reports all from your normal sales process.

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Costbucket tablet pos cash register

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