Frequently Asked Questions

The full package is $15 per user per month.
The software subscription cost covers the use of our software including everything required to have it functional for our clients including updates, bug fixes, improvements and support. In addition it covers the cost of security and hosting of client data.
In general rates will be 2.2% -2.5% if transferring from services that use grouped payment processing accounts like Square and competitively more affordable rates if transferring from an existing merchant account. We also support Stripe for in store payments and trade shows at 2.9% of sales.
Yes we support EBT payments.
We work with Cardknox, a subsidiary of Fidelity and MM Merchant Services to provide merchant accounts for in store retail payment processing in the US & Canada. Costbucket also support Stripe for payments in store and mobile.
Inventory is purchased, sold, managed, tracked and reported by location and is supporting multiple locations.
We support finished goods, raw materials used to make a finish product, assembled products, packages, service fees and dummy items.
Yes the POS supports offline payments and automatically sync with the cloud cost accounting service once an internet service is available.
Costbucket current support Tablet POS for iOS and Android.
Cosbucket Invoice app is for mobile sales teams and trade shows typically on a smart phone while Costbucket POS is used on the Tablet for retail POS.
We provide a ticketing sytem and email address for support. Support is available 7 days a week.
Costbucket is ideal for helping restaurants manage their food cost by breaking down meals into their ingredients and track the cost and quantity of each meal.
Costbucket is available for use in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.
You need to register your account with Costbucket and order your hardware (if required). We will assist with the setup process and loading of products. How quickly this happens is dependent on how fast you provide the information required to load your products.
Yes there is a 30 day free trial.
Costbucket currently only support iOS and Android platform.
You can use your iPAD with a Star Printer and cash drawer.
Costbucket will work if your tablet OS is 5 and above. Many Android tablets available in stores do not standup well in a commercial environment so it is recommended that you use our tested solution.
Our purchase order module is linked to the inventory management system. Easily create an order from a supplier and confirm receipt which at that time your inventory is updated.
Freight cost can be included as part of the cost of products.
Our Bill of Material (BOM) module allows you to build, assemble, package or make products, track the components and cost of making the product.
PIN Managemen is available in both our iOS and Android POS solution.
Filters are anything you want them to be. It is a grouping of products or categories into any name selected which allows you to find products faster. For example groups by brands, size, color, ingredients, etc.
Credit sales transactions are available with customer balances in the cost accounting software.
Long press on the product in the POS and it provide a pop up with additional information about the product. We recommend when setting up the product to include a link to the product or image on your website.
Yes, each sale processed updates the tax report automatically.
The analytic reports are updated daily.
Invoice notes are supported.
This is available in the Android POS solution to convert the sale to any USD, GBP, CAN, EURO. You will be required to maintain your own FX Rates.

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