Costbucket improves efficiency & sales at Oxford Agencies Ltd

Costbucket, the leading business management solution is making waves with their world-class business management solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

In June 2018, Mr Robert Davidson, Managing Director of Oxford Agencies Ltd was introduced to Costbucket with the goal of improving their sales process and efficiency with their all in one business solution including point of sale for indoor sales, mobile invoice app with real-time tracking of their drivers, cloud accounting with inventory management and customer booking app to request delivery using Costbucket Booking.

Prior to implementation, Oxford Agencies used QuickBooks for bookkeeping and a manual process of creating and processing invoices which had many flaws in the process and difficulty reconciling sales and deliveries. Each day the bank would contact Mr. Davidson to inform him that there were differences between the deposits from Brink’s services and the reports provided.

Since implementing Costbucket, Oxford Agencies Ltd process has been reduced to simply processing sales and reviewing reports online with all sales, delivery and bank deposits reconciling thus improving efficiency and savings. They have not received any calls from their bank about variances and they are seeing an uptick in sales and cashflow.

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