Provide an all in one platform for customers to order any products or services anytime using their mobile phone or computer

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Coupons drive 46% of customers to change their planned purchase and 60% of consumers to try a new product


Easily accept and approve sales orders

Process loyalty points earned or redeemed 

Authenticate and process product coupons

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8 Reasons why your business need a loyalty program

Enhanced Customer Attraction: 80% of consumers engage with companies that provide a tailored experience.

Increased Spending Potential:  40% of consumers spend more when product or service offers are tailored to them.

Personalized Customer Service Expectation:  71% of customers require personalized assistance.

Influential Purchase Decision: 83% of consumers confirm that participation in a loyalty program significantly shapes their decision to make repeat purchases.

Amplified Product Engagement: 75% of loyalty program participants expand their product purchases from partnered companies

Brand Loyalty Reinforcement:  84% of consumers remain loyal to a brand that offers a loyalty program

Altered Spending Patterns:  66% of consumers confirm that earning rewards has an effect on their spending habits.

Irresistible Incentives: Consumers seeking enrollment in loyalty programs are seeking deals, discounts, or complimentary items