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POS Troubleshooting tips

How to change or update the receipt print?

The company information section in the account management module manages the company information on the printed receipts. All changes there will be reflected in the receipts once you update and resync the table.

My POS screen does not show any products when I log in.

You need to add categories to your default category setup. Go to Account Management > Point of Sale > Settings on Left menu > Update categories.

I processed a sale but do not see it in my report

Contact us at info@costbucket.com and provide us with information about the sale then run Diagnostics from your POS left menu to provide us with your data files.

How to add a second order printer?

Go to printer settings via Account Management > Point of Sale > Left menu Printer settings > Order printer

Why is the merchant copy not the same as the receipt given to customers?

To conserve on paper, we do not provide information about your company on your merchant copy. All other information about the order is available on the print out.

What should we do as our end of day process?

Each salesperson should print a copy of their shift with a reconciliation to the cash drawer. The business should also do a summary print of the total sales for the day and print of the product summary for reconciliation with accounting.