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1. Make or Assemble Product setup

If you need to track the cost of making or assembling a product from components or input ingredients, you will need to follow the guidelines and steps below.

  1. Setup the saleable product (parent) to be sold as a manufactured or assembled item by editing or creating a product and select the item type as manufactured or assembled.
Inventory Page Assemble Setup

2. Setup the Bill of Material (BOM) of the Assembled or Made product by assigned the components or ingredients to the based on the quantity required to make one unit (if the product is sold per unit) or the quantity to make a batch (if the product is sold as a batch).

Two ways to create and maintain a BOM.

The first method is by logging into your Costbucket Cloud Account, select the Inventory App on the left menu then select Assemble/Make.

The second method which is more advanced is by logging to the Cloud Accounting software and on the left menu, go to the manufacturing module then select “Create Bill of Material” and search for the Assembled / Manufactured product by selecting the search button

Once the product is identified you then select on the item and add the components or ingredients to the assembled or made product.

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