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Inventory Count Process

To do the inventory count process. You need to log into your Cost Accounting Software and navigate to:

Reports > Detail Reports > Inventory Count > Inventory Stock Count Sheets

1 .Then do control all to select all the stock categories or the desired categories

2. Select the location where the inventory is being counted

3. Then the action should be to Make a new stock check data file the Print and Process

You can repeat the process and select under action to Print Stock Check Sheets only for reprints

Then do your count on the sheets and input the quantity counted by going to:

Reports > Detail Reports > Inventory Count > Enter Product Stock Count

Alternatively, you can install the Costbucket Inventory Count app to replace the stock count sheet and do the process of populating the stock count sheet automatically.

The view the products counted, click on the View Entered Count in the top right corner.

Once the inventory count process is completed, go to:

Reports > Detail Reports > Inventory Count > Inventory Comparison Report

Select the appropriate action.

  1. The first action is to compare the count vs what the system has and
  2. The second is to close and complete the inventory process.
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