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Customer App

The Customer Cloud app is a short cut module that interacts with the cloud accounting software by creating, updating and managing customers in the account.

Customers keyed in from the Point of Sale apps are automatically added to this module. Any changes to a customer account will require re syncing the POS app.

To create a new customer, click on ADD Customer and populate the customer form.

To do more advance management on a customer account including the following, go to https://www.costbucket.com/knowledge-base/5-how-to-create-new-customer/

Customer menu options

  • New – create new customer
  • Edit – modify existing customer
  • Remove – delete customer. Only possible if no sales transactions processed against customer account


  • transaction inquiry – view customer sales transactions
  • print customer statement
  • view order inquiry


  • modify outstanding sales order
  • allocate receipts or credit notes

Maintenance – Create and manage customer branch.

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